Postcards are in the mail! (at Cambodia Post)

Postcards are in the mail! (at Cambodia Post)

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Southeast Asia for 6 Months: What I’m Packing

As I wrap up preparation for my upcoming trip to the realm of Apocalypse Now and Hangover 2, it became obvious that sharing the result of my packing efforts might be useful to others (and perhaps pass along some affiliate dollars; thanks Amazon)! It’s worth mentioning that my knowledge derived primarily from one place: … consider reading that as well! 

My trip needs to be as independent, comfortable, and sustainable as possible; achieving that requires a pack that’s light, compact, and durable. Even the lightest of backpackers would agree that a 28L is ambitious but, with careful planning, it’s entirely possible. 

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Oculus Rift + Kinect + KickR = Our Homage to Paperboy: PaperDude VR from Globacore on Vimeo.

PaperDude VR is built in Unity with 3D assets created in 3D studio and textured in Photoshop. The KickR sensor detects the speed of the bike and has the ability to provide programatically controlled resistance. The KickR communicates speed and cadence through bluetooth to a nearby iPad which updates our app over OSC.

The Oculus Rift VR headset lets you look around your scene in a full 360 degrees and allows you to focus your newspaper aim. The Kinect controller tracks the positions of your hands and arms, and detects the paper-throwing gesture.

Globacore creates custom branded videogames and interactive exhibits.

Check out the PaperDude VR project page on our site here:

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Inca trail, Peru.

Inca trail, Peru.

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12 Years of DFA: Too Old To Be New, Too New To Be Classic from Red Bull Music Academy on Vimeo.

The first in a series of definitive short films from the Red Bull Music Academy, we turn our attention to DFA: the iconic NYC record label that got the indie kids to dance. Narrated by Marc Maron, it features music and appearances from James Murphy, LCD Soundsystem, The Rapture, Holy Ghost!, The Juan MacLean, Shit Robot, Sinkane, YACHT and many more!

A Red Bull Music Academy film
a m ss ng p eces production
Directed by Max Joseph

Check out more Red Bull Music Academy:
Listen to all the songs here!

EMI Records LTD Under License from Universal Music Enterprises

“House of Jealous Lovers”
Written by Luke Jenner, Vito Joshua Roccoforte and Matthew Brian Safer
Performed by The Rapture
Courtesy of Mercury Records LTD Under License from Universal Music Enterprises

“Losing My Edge”
Written by James Jeremiah Murphy
Performed by LCD Soundsystem
Courtesy of EMI Records LTD Under License from Universal Music Enterprises

“Bluegrass Showdown”
Written by Al Capps
Courtesy of Killer Tracks / Universal Publishing Production Music

“Hold On”
Written by Nicholas Alexander Millhiser and Alex David Frankel
Performed by Holy Ghost!
Courtesy of DFA Records

“Snake Bite”
Written by Dennis McNany
Performed by Jee Day
Courtesy of DFA Records

“Electric Ska”
Written by Les Vegas and C.J. Webbe
Courtesy of Chappell Library / Universal Publishing Production Music

“Space Race”
Written by Marcus Lambkin
Performed by Shit Robot
Courtesy of DFA Records

“Spaghetti Circus”
Written by Oliver Spencer
Performed by Still Going
Courtesy of DFA Records

“Piano Concerto No.21 In C Major - Andante”
Courtesy of The Extreme Music Library Ltd

“Orange Alert (DFA Remix)”
Written by Morgan Geist and Darshan Jesrani
Performed by Metro Area
Courtesy of Environ Records

“Deceptacon (DFA Remix)”
Written and Performed by Le Tigre
Courtesy of Le Tigre Records
By Arrangement with Terrorbird Media

“Shangri La”
Written by Jonathan Bechtolt and Claire Evans
Performed by Yacht
Courtesy of DFA Records

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"Excellence is my presence. Never tense, never hesitant." — Notorious B.I.G. (at Franklin & Dekalb Ave)

"Excellence is my presence. Never tense, never hesitant." — Notorious B.I.G. (at Franklin & Dekalb Ave)

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The Invisible Bicycle Helmet | Fredrik Gertten from Focus Forward Films on Vimeo.

“If people say it’s impossible we have to prove them wrong.”
Design students Anna and Terese took on a giant challenge as an exam project. Something no one had done before. If they could swing it, it would for sure be revolutionary. The bicycle is a tool to change the world. If we use bikes AND travel safe: Life will be better for all.

Support Bikes vs Cars Kickstarter campaign at, WE ARE MANY.

Join the conversation and tweet #InvsHelmet to have your tweet featured on the GE FOCUS FORWARD website. Go to to see the discussion.

Check out more films in the GE FOCUS FORWARD series at

Produced by WG Film with the support of
The Swedish Film Institute - Film commissioner Andra Lasmanis.

DIRECTOR: Fredrik Gertten
PRODUCER: Margarete Jangård and Elin Kamlert
CAST: Anna Haupt, Terese Alstin
CAMERA: Marek Wieser
BOOM OPERATOR: Emma Thorsander
EDITOR: Klaus De León Heinecke
COMPOSER: Chris Maxwell & Philip Hernandez a.k.a Elegant Too
COLORIST: Jörgen Persson
SOUND DESIGN: Tobias Lilja
Rasmus Thaarup
CMP – Copenhagen Malmö Port


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The Innovator from Cineastas on Vimeo.

Mike Friton is a freelance shoemaker, weaver, paper sculptor and innovator with over 30 years of experience at Nike. His innovations are responsible for many elements of athletic footwear that people wear today. Each of his crafts informs one another and he is constantly exploring the fringes of his field. Mike’s work is a great example of how non-traditional methods of exploring one’s craft can lead to unique end results.

To find out more about Mike and his work visit

DIRECTOR: Tristan Stoch
SOUND: David Panton


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Hammock living, South-America style.

Hammock living, South-America style.

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Distributed Productivity

Provide tools to the distributed learner/worker for shared success.

Just as co-working is becoming the new-norm for the modern worker, education will become similarly stratified, aimed squarely at point-solutions for specific end-goals. Long gone are the days of fully-integrated conglomerates (though Samsung is a distinct eye-sore to this observation), and the same is true of universities. That is not to say the need for multi-disciplinary learning will erode, but rather that it will become ever-more prevalent, with students seeking their knowledge from various, loosely-intertwined sources of specialty. In our new digital reality, everything will distill into what one might recognize as “minimum viable entities” … professionally, and personally. This shift is more simple than it may appear — how we organize ourselves will define our focus.

The new vector of value-addition in this modular economic model will be a layer of services (on top) and infrastructure (below) to support specialists which represent (effectively) the concentrated nodes of informational/experiential density. The premium will continue to be paid to the creative destructors of our generation, the thought-leaders who re-orient our understanding of fundamental problems into simpler, more resonant concepts through the connection of otherwise disparate ideas. Simplicity = beauty.

Benefits will remain to be derived from scalably integrated efforts, but with open-source software and collaborative productivity — there is a tidal wave which represents a greater appreciation for contribution to the public commons. Abstractly speaking, the distinct barrier between aggregated entities and individuals will continue to blur, as each will take on characteristics of the other; value that one might capture is a function of what one will create, rather than protect. Much like GitHub, entrepreneurs should strive (through software) to unlock the benefits for everyone from (traditional) larger organizations, which will gradually cease to exist.

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The Inverted Bike Shop from Show Love on Vimeo.


Amongst the multitude of bike shops across Manhattan and Brooklyn, 718 Cyclery ( stands out for their unique approach to the business. This is the “inverted bike shop”.

June 2012 Update: We were honored to have our film selected in the official line up of the 2012 Bicycle Film Festival ( in New York.

Created by Show Love ( For more you can find us on Facebook ( or you can contact Peter or Chauncey at

Music by
The Album Leaf

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